The Basics of Digitizing Small Lettering for a Logo Design

A logo needs to be designed with absolute precision and a perfect symmetry. However, maintaining this perfection in digitizing is easier said than done. If your logo digitizing project involves small letters, it gets more daunting to stitch readable text. However, you can attain proper alignment and accuracy by following the tips given here. Consider […]

Tips And Techniques To Embroider On The Terry Cloth

The digitizing techniques have reinvented the embroidery production. You can easily deal with any fabric by following the right steps and methods of digitized embroidery.  It can be daunting to make stunning and neat patterns on the terry cloth. The elongated loops of terry cloth make it a tough texture to tackle with. But, you […]

All About Using Specialty Embroidery Threads

Not all embroidery threads are made the same. Depending on your design — including size, color, and intended use for the project — it’s important that you understand the options available to you when choosing the right thread for your next project. Read on to learn about the many choices you have when choosing the […]

Why use Branded Workwear for Your Company?

Your employees and the clothing they wear are the physical faces of your business. As they carry your business name and brand out into the workforce, they need to represent your name and logo, loud and proud. Workwear in the U.S. is becoming increasingly popular and is already an industry worth over 5.6 billion dollars in Western Europe. […]

5 Tips for Hiring an Embroidery Digitizing Service

You’re a mean, lean embroidering machine, and you want the whole world to know it. What you’ve been doing thus far, however, hasn’t exactly convinced everyone of your talent. So what can you do to brand yourself as an awesome embroidery business? Invest in an embroidery digitizing service. While that sounds like a great idea, it […]

How to Make Your Project Pop With 3D Puff Embroidery

Embroidery has been a beloved form of art since 30,000 B.C. In all those years since, we’ve made countless beautiful things and even today, we continue to find new and interesting ways to use this skill. One of those new ways is 3D puff embroidery, and it’s bringing tons of pop and pizazz to all kinds of creative […]

3 Secrets to Embroidery Business Success

Are you an embroidery shop owner looking to improve business? Do you enjoy embroidery design and want to turn your beloved hobby into something more? Wondering what the secrets are to running a successful embroidery business? If you’ve answered “yes” to any of these questions, keep reading! Being a master of your craft is fundamental […]

5 Embroidery Artists Who Are Transforming the Craft

Embroidery is considered one of the oldest art forms in the world, with the first pieces dating from 5th-3rd century BC. It’s a delicate work requiring a lot of attention to detail and even more dedication. Modern embroidery artists are constantly developing their talents and creativity. Some create only with their hands, while others use machines. […]

5 Benefits of Using Vector Logos for Your Company

5 Benefits of Using Vector Logos for Your Company

A company’s logo can provide instant recognition. It can connect a person’s mind to a business without them having to read anything or even see a product. It doesn’t matter where a customer sees it. Having a great logo is important, but so is how it’s made. This is where vector logos come in. There […]

Learn How to Find New Clients For Your Embroidery Business

Learn How to Find New Clients For Your Embroidery Business

As an embroidery business owner, you must seek new customers who don’t always know how your services can benefit their own company. With high-quality embroidery digitizing, it is possible for you to use the customers own artwork to create an embroidery design on fabric. You have probably seen digitized embroidery on a sports team’s uniform […]