Top 5 Reasons Why Is Embroidery Digitizing Services Important For Embroiderers?

Top 5 Reasons Why Is Embroidery Digitizing Services Important For Embroiderers?

Embroidery work has remained one of the tasks which have been carried out manually for many years. Most of the embroiderers have been doing hard work and spending much time in a job that requires a lot of patience to produce a masterpiece. However, with changing technology and innovative ways of handling fabric, digitized embroidery […]

Use Embroidery Digitizing to Leverage Your Brand and Logo

Use Embroidery Digitizing to Leverage Your Brand and Logo

There are many ways to get your company’s logo into the world for customers to see. If you’re like most businesses, then you are probably putting your logo on all of your products, your website, and social media pages and any promotional products you have created. While these are all good places to put your […]

The Benefits You Will Reap With Logo Vectorizing

Most people have heard of the most popular file formats used in media today. What they may not know is whether they are vector formats (.pdf and .svg) or raster formats (.jpg and .gif). A raster file is an image made from colored pixels placed close together. The density of pixels packed together determines how […]

Dealing With A Trusted Custom Embroidery Digitizing Service

custom embroidery service

Custom embroidery designs are one way to upgrade your clothes and you need an embroidery digitizing service for the job. When you have custom embroidery designs on your garment, you will be able to express yourself as they reflect your personality. There are two ways that you can embroider custom designs. You can start manually […]

The Basics Of Pull Compensation You Need To Know


Whether you are a seasoned or an amateur embroiderer, you need to make sure you know how to get the best end result. It will only be possible if you take note of all the factors essential in achieving desirable results. It starts with choosing the right fabric, needles, and threads. Pull compensation is going […]

Essential Factors That Influence Fine Detail Digitized Designs


Embroidery digitizing by itself can be intimidating to beginners, and as you move into working on fine detail digitizing designs, the process gets even harder. For any type of endeavor to be successful, following best practices always works. Digitizing fine detail designs can be demanding because you need to pay attention to the smallest detail […]

3D Embroidery On Puffy Foam: A Basic Guide

If you are into embroidery, consider kicking your project up a notch by creating something that is more challenging like 3D puffy foam embroidery. This approach adds dimension to your digitized design. With this whole new level of embroidery design, you can impress your customers and improve your skills. The steps involved are not that […]

Demystifying Underlay Stitches In Embroidery Digitizing

Demystifying Underlay Stitches In Embroidery Digitizing

Underlay stitches is a commonly used term in embroidery digitizing. If your goal is to produce flawless stitches, underlay will be vital to the process. Underlay is capable of creating layers of embroidery to reduce densities and keep your digitized embroidery design clean. As the foundation of embroidery, underlay stitches have four primary functions: 1. […]

Fabric Stabilizer For Machine Embroidery: How Do They Work


These days, you can create just about any designs you want with an embroidery machine. Whether it is a simple or intricate design, reliable embroidery software will give you desirable results. However, no matter how advanced your embroidery machine is, the success of your design will still depend on the fabric stabilizer you choose. Just […]

Digitizing Logos And Designs With Towel Embroidery

There’s beauty in towel embroidery, but when the process it entails enters the picture, the technique becomes less appealing. For someone who doesn’t have a background in digital embroidery, towels and terry cloth might all be Greek. However, embroidering on Terry cloth is not just meant for those who have a knack for embroidery. Anyone […]