At Affordable Digitizing we know the ins and outs of the embroidery process, giving you the best value and most efficient results. We carefully create each design to minimize thread changes, run smoothly on your machine, and produce crisp looking designs.

Not All Digitized Embroidery Files Are Created Equal

When choosing an embroidery digitizing service, it's important to look
at the long term benefits of a job done well.

At first glance, cheap overseas prices may seem attractive. However, consider this: is the file you just got going to allow you to make the least amount of thread changes, and will the back be as neat as the front? The last thing you want is customers complaining about the logo sewn on their shirt making them itch!

Here at Affordable Digitizing we believe in excellent customer service and strive for superior quality designs that will keep your customers happy and ultimately save you time and money.

Samples of Embroidery Digitizing We Have Done