Machine Embroidery Formats: Why Do They Matter?

Machine Embroidery Formats: Why Do They Matter?

The most fun part of embroidery digitizing is choosing a design and seeing it on the finished product. The lines, style, and shapes are copied and embroidered to perfection; you can’t help but wonder how was the intricate design made possible. Embroidery digitizing has taken the process to the next level. No need to go […]

Puff Without the Huff: How to Do 3D Puff Embroidery

Mastering how to do 3D puff embroidery requires a little bit of practice, but it’s worth being able to offer this type of embroidery service to your customers. For starters, people love how this textured effect makes their logo or branded design pop out. It also produces a high-quality branding effect which helps you offer […]

5 Places to Find Free Vector Art for Digitized Embroidery

Vector art – an image that doesn’t blur or distort when manipulated – isn’t just the secret weapon of an art director sitting in the corner office at an impressive ad agency. Ever gone to a company-sponsored event where the host’s logo is featured on every available surface, including the free goodies handed out to […]

5 Reasons Why You Should Use Vector Art for Marketing Materials

Designing marketing materials can be a challenge. But, the thing is … Good visual design is vital to effective marketing. People are over 60% more likely to remember information when it’s paired with good visuals. One of the most effective components of digital design is vector art. If you’re interested in using vector art for marketing, keep […]

5 Types of Embroidered Marketing Materials You Need to Get

Having your logo plastered on marketing materials is one of the top ten ways that new or potential clients will recognize your brand. Embroidered marketing materials tend to be higher quality and classier than the average screen printed products. Choosing the right embroidered marketing swag could make the difference for a small to medium-sized company. A company […]

Tips for Choosing the Best Embroidery Fonts

Are you in the process of digitizing your embroidered designs, but confused by the complex matter of embroidery fonts? Don’t let that issue deter you from the great advantages of digital embroidery logos. This article will help you figure out the font issue. Typical fonts are meant for typing and digital graphic design. They’re often far […]

3 Reasons to Consider Digitized Embroidery Logos for Your Business

You want your embroidery shop business to stand out from the rest. You want your employee uniforms to show your customers exactly what kind of company you are. The problem is you can’t seem to find the right logo. Customization, style, flair: these are all things you have to consider when designing a great new […]

Top Five Benefits of Vector Drawings

Vector art plays an integral role in graphics designing projects. When compared to raster images, vector graphics offers a wide range of benefits. Vector images are scalable, compact and of high quality in all sizes. We come across vector images on a daily basis. Whether it is a billboard, the internet or a book, you […]

Basics of Embroidery Digitizing for Your Business


Are you planning to have your business logo added to any apparel? Maybe it is for your employees, customers or sponsors, there will always be a time to put your logo on garments and other goods! When you design or order embroidered apparel for your business, you’ll benefit from understanding the process involved. Embroidered garments […]

5 Popular Logo Fonts You Need to Know

5 Popular Fonts for Logos You Need to Know

Logos are how a business communicates its identity. They help companies differentiate themselves from competitors. Branding strategies must incorporate logos. Once digitized, there are many marketing tools available. Fonts for logos send subtle messages to consumers. Here are five of the most popular fonts and what kind of message they can send to you. 1. […]