How To Embroider Mylar Designs

When embroidering Mylar designs, choose the right thickness for desired effect. Thicker mylar creates a bold 3D look, while thinner mylar gives a more subtle finish. Transparent mylar lets thread colors shine through. Prep your embroidery machine carefully, check threads and needle. Digitize your design using software for stitching. Hoop fabric correctly and use appropriate […]

What is a Knockdown Stitch?

A knockdown stitch is more commonly used for personalizing towels, jackets, and blanket. Get to know the basics of this type of stitch.

Custom embroidery on a blanket, towel, or other “fluffy” fabric item adds an attractive and personalized element, but without a knockdown stitch, the stitching may get lost in the texture. Here, we explain how this stitch works and why it’s so important. The Basics of Knockdown Stitches for Machine Embroidery When adding a monogram or […]

Free Embroidery Designs For Your First Home Project

Free Embroidery Designs For Your First Home Project

Creating an embroidery design could be intimidating, especially for beginners. But there is no need to worry because there are readily available designs that are free for you to use. What you need is to look at the right places. Have you gotten yourself a home embroidery machine? Then, you are probably looking for beautiful […]