Top 5 Must-Have Best Machine Embroidery Tools

Top 5 Must-Have Best Machine Embroidery Tools

The success of your embroidery project will depend on the tools you use. Whether you are doing a personal project or working with a large enterprise, choosing the right tools to accomplish your project is important. While there are many embroideries supplies in the market today, the following five embroidery tools are a must-have for your project.

5 Essential Machine Embroidery Tools That You Need

Before you embark on your embroidery project, check your toolbox and confirm that you have the following essential tools:

  1. Stitch erasers
  2. Threader tool and Needle inserters
  3. Embroidery thread
  4. Alignment Tools
  5. Tension Gauges

1. Stitch Erasers

Whether you are an expert or a beginner in embroidery, a stitch eraser is a must-have in your arsenal. You will not need the erasers immediately after you start your project. Still, when the need arises, it should be within reach, or else it will lead to unnecessary delays in your delivery.

These stitch erasers come fitted with unique thread cutting blades and are used for removing stitches from embroidery and other types of embroidery patterns. This tool will remove the stitch carefully without damaging your material.

2. Threader Tool and Needle Inserters

This combination of tools is used to maintain the needle firmly on the material to be inserted or removed from the embroidery machine with ease. At the same time, the threader aids in the quick and easy threading of needles. This cheap tool will solve all your threading problems; hence it is a must-have in your embroidery toolbox.

3. Embroidery Thread

What is an embroidery project without a thread? This is the single most important tool you should have before starting your project. The embroidery thread is, without a doubt, an essential machine embroidery tool that you can’t continue without.

High-quality threads include the German Polyenone Polyester and Classic Rayon threads. For the smooth running of your embroidery project, you must ensure that you buy the best thread available. Whether it is for personal or commercial purposes, a high-quality thread will run smoothly at any speed. Metallic embroidery will run smoothly if you use soft-touch CR metallic thread.

4. Alignment Tools

The quality of your finished embroidery project will depend on the accuracy of your sewing. Therefore, an alignment tool is a must-have to come up with neat and well-aligned designs.

You can hoop squarely and accurately with the help of a Laser Alignment Tool. Straight hooping can easily be achieved using PAL and Vivilux lasers attached to any commercial or small-scale hoop.

These lasers are ideal for swiftly locating the center of quilt blocks, bags, packets, and other precision components. The lasers can also be used to light up the needle’s path while sewing.

5. Tension Gauges

Precision is key when handling a sensitive embroidery project. For such projects, you do not wish to use guesswork in thread tensioning. Therefore, the thread tension gauges are a must-have embroidery machine tool if you wish to eliminate the need for guesswork when setting thread tension.

There exist tension gauges that will adjust not only the bobbin case but also the upper tensions. These essential tools will offer precise measurements hence resulting in neat and consistent stitching. Top thread tension gauges will fit in almost all makes of embroidery and quilting machines available.

You should also note that Bobbin case gauges are only compatible with embroidery machines that have detachable bobbin cases.


Although the tools discussed here above are a must-have, you should always ensure that your embroidery machine toolbox has all other essential tools required. These tools will reduce the time wasted to look for them during the project and ensure the smooth running of the process.