Your Guide to Machine Embroidery Designs & Quilting Trends for 2022

Your Guide to Machine Embroidery Designs & Quilting Trends for 2022

The origins of quilting go back centuries to people repurposing old clothing and clothes to create layered bedding. However, today’s quilts are also an art form, with many embracing machine embroidery designs for quilting. Here, we share some of the year’s top quilting trends. 

What Is Machine Embroidery?

Quilting machine embroidery is a process that uses a sewing or embroidering machine to produce quilting patterns. Machine embroidery is popular in corporate advertising, fashion items, and product branding.

The most common types of machine embroidery include:

  • Free-motion: This machine embroidery technique uses a basic zigzag sewing machine.
  • Cornely Hand-guided: Named after the Cornely machine, this chain stitch requires the crafter to direct the machine to the pattern’s outlines.
  • Computerized: Modern embroidery machines use computerized images to read and sew embroidery designs.

Top Trends for Quilting Embroidery Designs

Quilt hobbyists and artists constantly find different ways to stitch quilt blocks to make unique designs. Machine embroidery designs for quilting are ever-changing to accommodate new styles and techniques. The following trends have become popular in 2022.

Statement Quilts

People create statement quilts to evoke an emotion, convey a message, or create a focal point for a room. Artists may use quilting to showcase current or past events, and many use it to process their experiences, thoughts, or feelings. When you look at a statement quilt, you often feel humbled or empowered by the message stitched on the textile.

Bold Colors With Negative Spaces

Combining negative space with brightly colored quilt blocks is a driving force in modern machine embroidery designs. Instead of having an entire quilt full of bold colors, using negative space gives the viewer’s eyes a place to rest and see secondary hues they may have overlooked.

Two-tone Quilts

A striking two-toned quilt takes a minimalist approach to coloring. However, you can use strategic placement of the quilt blocks to create an eye-catching design that complements the color choices. This is an excellent example of how to evoke a response in viewers without overwhelming them.


Quilts are highly versatile and take well to texture. Quilting artists and hobbyists are building quilts by focusing on the way blocks feel as well as how they look. For instance, you might add fuzzy fabric or chenille to your quilt to create a fashionable texture bomb.

Improv Piecing

Improv piecing is a quilting technique that foregoes the traditional approach involving a clear vision with a well-thought-out stitching plan. Instead, the crafter allows their imagination and intuition to take over quilt-making by choosing random fabric pieces to sew together. Improv piecing allows for idea exploration without limitation, which is why many artists embrace the technique today.

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