All About Machine Embroidery

All About Machine Embroidery

Embroidery is a long-loved tradition that has been passed down from person to person through the ages. That being said, there are now more technologies than ever before that make machine embroidery possible. While you might think machine embroidery is inferior to hand embroidery, machine embroidery is faster, easier, and can be every bit as beautiful and hand-sewn pieces.

Types of Machine Embroidery Stitches

There are plenty of different stitches out there when it comes to machine embroidery, but there are three that are used in most designs and that lead the charge. The straight stitch is used for lines, outlines, and most of the detail work when it comes to creating a design that will be used for a machine design. The straight stitch is also prevalent in hand-sewn pieces. This stitch is simple, necessary, and the foundation for virtually all embroidery.

The next stitch is the satin or column stitch. This stitch is most commonly used in text or any part of the design that needs to be satiny or shiny. This stitch is done back and forth over a small area and is also used for borders in the design. The long threads of this stitch are what make the outcome look shiny and satiny.

The last of the big three stitches in machine embroidery is the fill stitch. Also sometimes referred to as ‘Tatami’ or Ceeding’ stitch, the fill stitch does exactly what it sounds like. This stitch is used to fill in larger areas and to fill out the design. The machine alternates the lines to make the final result look woven. You can use this stitch with solid colors or blended colors to make the design even more exciting and help make it a truly phenomenal piece when completed.

Embroidery machines can combine these stitches to create complex patterns and complete designs that you may have come up with. An embroidery machine works with a computer that is essentially the brain of the machine. The design or pattern is loaded in, the machine reads the code, then embroiders the design on your desired medium using the stitches and a combination of the stitches discussed above.

Why Choose Machine Embroidery?

When it comes to using technology like machine embroidery, some distinct advantages make it appealing. The first is that you will be able to pump out more final product in a shorter period than if you spent all your time hand stitching a design and embroidering it. This means that if you have a short deadline or want to get a great deal done in a shorter time, machine embroidery is the way to go.

Another advantage to machine embroidery is that it does allow for a more uniform outcome. Since it is done by machine and not by hand, the margin for human error is smaller than if you were working by hand on every piece. Machine embroidery will allow you to get more pieces that all look the same in a shorter period.

The last benefit is that machine embroidery will be easier by far than learning all the stitches that you would need to use by hand. Most embroidery machines have a preprogrammed assortment of stitches that you can choose from when working with them to complete your designs.

What is Embroidery Digitizing?

When using an embroidery machine or an embroidery service, it is necessary to become familiar with the term embroidery digitizing. This is the process by which a piece of artwork, like a logo, patch, or design, is digitized so that it can be loaded into an embroidery machine and then be embroidered by the machine. The process helps the embroidery machine’s computer understand what patterns and stitches are needed to complete that particular pattern.

So, why might you need this, you ask? If you are working from home creating an embroidered item to sell and you are not skilled at digitizing patterns, if you are new to machine embroidery and you want to do some fun designs and may not know where to start, or if you want to take some of the guesswork out of a digital design, professional embroidery digitizing like that offered by Affordable Digitizing is an excellent option.

Professional digitizing services make taking a design that you have come up with or found from a piece of paper to a usable digital pattern simple. With the right company, you can get a thoughtful design that keeps to the original feel of the design and that is turned around fast so that you can get to using it quickly.

With machine embroidery, a digitized design is going to open up a world of opportunities that allows you to create the final product you have always wanted. Affordable Digitizing can help you with all your embroidery digitizing needs.