Free Embroidery Designs For Your First Home Project

Free Embroidery Designs For Your First Home Project

Creating an embroidery design could be intimidating, especially for beginners. But there is no need to worry because there are readily available designs that are free for you to use. What you need is to look at the right places.

Have you gotten yourself a home embroidery machine? Then, you are probably looking for beautiful designs to start using your machine. There are thousands of designs available on the Internet, and it could be confusing where to start looking. We have a list of places where you can find free and stunning embroidery designs. 

Where to Find Free Embroidery Designs?

Here are some of the popular websites where you can get free designs. Have fun browsing, and make sure to download the correct file format that is compatible with your embroidery machine. 

Anita Goodesign

This is one of the top embroidery companies in the world. Anita Goodesign offers club memberships that allow one to access their webinars and video tutorials. They also have a collection of embroidery designs that are perfect for any home embroidery machine.

Oregon Patchworks

The designs you can find on this website are free samples from each designer. You can get inspiration and ideas from their work quality, plus have access to unique designs. Oregon Patchworks have a members-only area that offers more free design when you subscribe to their newsletter.

Kimberbell Designs

If you are looking for quilt and home decor patterns, Kimberbell Design has them. You can find many creative machine embroidery designs that are perfect for any theme that you prefer. 

Creative Fabrica

Subscribing to this website’s mail will allow you access to a new free design every week. Creative Fabrica’s designs come and go, so it would be best to download the format you fancy as soon as you find it. They have an expanding collection of freebies and designs that come with a commercial license, perfect if you plan to sell some of your embroideries.


This company sells embroidery supplies such as an assortment of rayon, polyester, metallic threads, netting, and pre-wound bobbins. ThreaDelight has project-oriented embroidery designs on CD. These are available in a variety of formats and hoop sizes. 

Bunnycup Embroidery

Are you looking for cute embroidery designs for children? This website is where you should be browsing. Bunnycup creates all sorts of baby gifts with their design. You can find fantastic embroidery designs that are ideal for personalizing the outfits and blankets of your little ones. Make sure to sign up for their email to get a weekly freebie.

Embroider This!

If embroidery blanks are your thing, this website has almost every type of blank. Embroider This! offers downloadable designs that can fit larger hoops. Their designs are well-digitized and helpful for home projects. 

Final Thoughts

Before you start stitching away with these free designs on an expensive garment, test it first on a cheaper fabric. You can also assess it with an embroidery program to see if it is well-digitized. This is an essential step because poorly digitized designs will give you many jump stitches and crazy stitch density. Besides, you won’t get the same result as how it is pictured on the website.

If you need help with custom embroidery digitizing, you can contact Affordable Digitizing. You can get the correct type of file that will work best with your machine.