What Are the Best Websites for Embroidery Designs?

What Are the Best Websites for Embroidery Designs?

In the past, embroiderers had to stitch everything by hand. Today, you can buy an embroidery machine that does most of the work for you. You’ll still have to set up the machine and load the thread, but with the help of a digital file, your embroidery machine can stitch elaborate designs onto your clothes, blankets and fabric. Here’s where you can find some of the best embroidery designs on the web.

What Can You Do with an Embroidery Design?

You might have a design in mind, but it’s too complicated to stitch by hand. Luckily, you can download thousands of premade designs made by designers and embroidery experts around the world. These designs come in just about every color you can imagine and feature logos, icons, text, graphics and fonts that turn plain fabric into a customized project.

Some websites offer free designs while others charge a small fee. Once you have the design, you can do whatever you want with it–embroider clothes for your whole family, personalize your favorite quilt or alter the design if you have enough experience with your embroidery machine. There’s hundreds of websites that offer designs, but here’s a few of our favorite options.


Etsy offers thousands of designs made by embroidery enthusiasts. The designs typically cost only a few dollars and feature multiple sizes and file types. Some sellers offer bundles that feature hundreds of patterns, fonts and shapes covered with one fee.

The designs on Etsy range from basic shapes to elaborate designs that require several different colors of thread. In fact, some designs are so elaborate that they look like drawings or paintings. You could turn a piece of fabric into a work of art when you buy one of these designs from an Etsy craftsperson.

Embroidery Designs

Embroidery Designs features thousands of professional-grade designs that you can buy and download on their website. In addition to graphics, they sell fonts that you can download into your embroidery machine. You can also buy packages with ten or more full-color designs.

Embroidery Graphics offers three free designs to every customer per week. If you spend $35 or more, you’ll get six free graphics per week. When you spend $75 or more, you get nine free graphics per week. You can choose from Embroidery Graphics’ selection of free designs that includes brands like Ann the Gram and Hopscotch.

Once you’ve downloaded your designs, you can pick up embroidery supplies like thread, fabric and needles. Embroidery Graphics also sells books and DVDs that teach you everything you need to know about embroidery. For more information, check out the Learning Center for inspiration, project ideas and tutorials.

Embroidery Library

Embroidery Library sells some of the most intricate designs that you’ll find on the web. Some of their designs resemble pencil sketches while others use colors to create vibrant portraits. Others use simple strokes to create fluid designs. If you choose one of their rainbow-colored designs, prepare to use a lot of different colors of thread.

Embroidery Library sells individual designs as well as design packs. The options can vary for each design, but typically, you can choose a size and file format before you make a purchase. If you need inspiration, check out their free project guides on their website. Embroidery Library also has an online Inspiration Studio with dozens of exciting ideas.


Bunnycup is an embroidery website that specializes in cute, quirky designs like birds, turtles and jellyfish. When you’re looking for a deal, check out their “$1 Singles” section to find this week’s discounted designs. The site also has a weekly freebie that you can download for free–no purchase required.

If you plan on shopping here often, sign up for the Bunnycup Loyalty Rewards program. You’ll get 10% of your purchase back in rewards every time you place an order. Once you’ve gathered enough rewards, you can enjoy free discounts on your purchases. Note that you’ll have to be logged into your account to claim your rewards.

Urban Threads

Shop Urban Threads to find modern designs like beehives, pet illustrations and zodiac signs. Urban Threads’ designs tend to be brightly colored, although they also have black-and-white designs if you’re looking for something simple. Many Urban Threads designs make use of different colors and stitches to create a “glittery” effect.

Urban Threads offers single designs as well as design packs. Not sure where to start? Check out their inspiration section for tips, videos and design ideas. You can also sign up for an account and add designs to your wishlist, then buy them later.

With these websites on hand, you can complete your first embroidery project in no time at all. You might want to read up on transferring files to your embroidery machine so you can handle the different file types. Once you’ve gotten some experience, you’ll want to embroider your clothes, pillowcases, towels, bedsheets and just about everything in your house.