What Is Digital Design

What Is Digital Design

Have you seen designs on the web? The ones that you view and interact with on your computer and phone screens? That’s a result of the process called digital design. How much do you know about this term?

Digital design is what you see on an app on your phone or a website. It is created and produced for viewing on a screen instead of in print on a physical page. As technology progresses and the world becomes more digitized, the general term has become more relevant than before. 

There are fundamental values that apply to all types of design in tech. It is crucial to learn the best practices to recognize how they function across various roles. 

Types of Digital Designers

Digital design is broad and covers several different roles. Here we have three jobs that work in the digital design field. Being familiar with them will help you understand the basics of digital design.

Graphic Designer

The term is very general, but these designers are the ones that work with static images like a digital illustration, report, or infographic. Their priorities are branding, readability, and aesthetics. Graphic designers create visual concepts either by hand or with the use of software. Their works communicate ideas to inform, inspire and captivate consumers. 

Web Designer

From the term itself, you have an idea that these designers are working with the layout of a website. They are the ones who design interactive elements that appear on the page. Web designers have a basic understanding of coding and how a website functions. They decide what color palette, font, buttons, icons, and visual themes will be used. In addition, they must be up to date with the current web aesthetics and take into account the ease of use and accessibility. 

UX Designer

Usability is the main focus of UX designers. They are in charge of designing preliminary plans for apps and websites. The designs created are based on data that are a result of collaborations with researchers. Several versions are designed and tested with real users. Aesthetics also play an essential role for the designs, but with UX design, it is more about the feel of the digital products and less about the look.

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