7 Machine Embroidery Tools You Need

7 Machine Embroidery Tools You Need

Embroidery supplies can help you get through the most challenging project with ease. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, you need these tools for your machine embroidery job.

What You Need to Get Started on Machine Embroidery

There are many things to consider and prepare before starting a machine embroidery business, from pondering which machine you want to getting a stitch eraser. It can get confusing deciding which ones are needed to get started. If you are reading this, you are in the right place. We have a list of essential machine embroidery supplies.

Embroidery Machine

There are many things to consider in choosing an embroidery machine. In making a choice, start by doing research. Learn about the basic features you want based on your needs and preferences. One of the features you want, especially for beginners, is an embroidery machine that is easy to operate and an accessible service center. 

Embroidery Thread

Embroidery threads are different from the threads used for sewing. One cannot use a sewing thread when dealing with an embroidery machine as it can cause mechanical problems. There are two common types of machine embroidery threads: the needle thread (topstitch) and the bobbin thread (backside). You cannot mix these two up.

Thread Tension Gauges

With this tool, you don’t have to guess the exact method of setting thread tension. Some gauges adjust both the upper tension and the bobbin case, which is convenient. Besides, it provides precise measurements for consistency.

Threader Tool and Needle Inserter

The threader makes it easier to thread needles quickly. On the other hand, the needle inserter holds the needle steady so you can insert and remove the thread from the embroidery machine with ease. It’s a valuable pair of supplies that will eliminate your threading nightmares.

Laser Alignment Tools

Are you having problems with hooping the square precisely? The laser alignment tools are the solution that you need. It allows you to make straight hooping effortless. It is the perfect tool for locating the center of pockets, quilt blocks, bags, and several others. You can also use it to illuminate your sewing path. 

Stitch Eraser

This one seems like something you don’t need, but it is handy to have when you need it. You don’t think about it until you have a use for it, just like insurance. It is an eraser that can remove stitches from patterns without damaging the material. 

Embroidery Software

Embroidery software is a computer application where you can create and manipulate embroidery designs. In addition, you can transfer designs, convert formats, and digitize a design. There are many good embroidery software that is beginner-friendly that you can consider.

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