Understanding the Embroidery Process from Start to Finish

When a customer wants a design embroidered onto a wearable, they often do not realize the process that is involved in achieving the final product. Understanding the embroidery process, however, allows customers to get a better idea of the work involved in completing their project.

Meeting the Client

The first step in the embroidery process if for the embroiderer to meet with the client and understand what they have in mind. The client should bring any artwork that they are considering and any logos to this meeting. Additionally, the client should have color choices in mind along with where they want the finished embroidery to look like. During the meeting, the professional will listen to the customer and make suggestions to improve the project.

The Digital File

While it may be possible for the client to furnish the digitized files to be embroidered, the professional embroidery shop knows better what file types work best on their equipment.

The professional then takes the artwork and logo and will have a digitized embroidery file created. This file will contain a two-dimensional representation of the finished product. While there are computer programs that claim to do this work, the result is rarely top-grade. An experienced digitizer will have the software, and experience using it so that the finished work looks awesome.

Determining the Price

The two-dimensional representation is then sent to the client for their inspection. After the project is approved, then the embroidery shop will give their price estimate and their production timeline. There are many different factors that the professional will consider when arriving at a price including:

• Type of stitches used
• Density of stitches
• Type of underlying stitches
• Thread color
• Logo size
• Production speed
• Material type
• Surface shape

The Embroidery Process

After approval, the project is put back into the computer which creates the instructions for the embroidery machine to follow. The program with the help of the experienced embroidery professional creates a map, called a data summary tape, that tells the machine exactly what it needs to do.

The professional at the embroidery shop then takes the map and loads it into the machine where the beautiful project is created. The project must be put in a hoop and the project carefully guided throughout the process.

When the machine work is done, the client is again contacted to come pick up their project. Embroidery projects are frequently chosen over printing, as they are beautiful and durable. They can serve as a long-lasting reminder of your event or as daily wear for companies. Choosing embroidered wearables makes great memorabilia, functional wear, and promotional items. Contact Affordable Digitizing to arrange a meeting, and find out how we can help you.

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