Professional Digitizing Services Make Embroidery Fast & Easy

Embroidery Digitizing

If you want to create beautiful embroidered designs on T-shirts, carryall bags or sweatshirts that are used for corporate, community or educational events, then contact a professional and affordable embroidery digitizing company. Such companies have state-of-the-art technology to create a digital file that an embroidery machine can execute. It is possible to embroider almost anything with a colorful image or monogram, including:

• Caps
• Shirts
• Pants
• Jackets
• Canvas bags
• Wall hangings
• Bookmarks
• Tablecloths
• Backpacks

It would require several hours, if not days, for an individual to learn how to digitize, and the result still might not be as detailed and clean-looking as a job done by a digitizing company. They have had years to perfect the art of digitizing and can complete the task in a fraction of the time.

Send Any Image to a Digitizing, Embroidery and Vectoring Company

You can order a digitized or vectorized file for just about any image or logo from a digitizing company, and receive it the same day, next day or very soon after. A machine that performs embroidery may have as many as 15 needles that are stitching at the same time or intermittently to create an intricate replica of a piece of artwork, original logo or full-color photograph. Digitizing companies accept scanned pictures of artwork, logos or photographs, and this permits an individual to turn a pencil sketch into a design that can be embroidered by most embroidery machines and much, much more.

Computerized Embroidery Machines Offer Amazing Speeds, But Quality Relies On The Digitized File Being Used

Computerized embroidery machines take hours of painstaking labor out of embroidering. They create colorful designs from several spools of thread, and it is also possible for a consumer to choose from an assortment of stitching styles or embellishments. However, the quality of work they produce is entirely dependent on the quality of the digitized file they are working off of. After the file is uploaded to a computerized embroidery machine, the process of embroidering logos, artwork or photographs begins.

There Are Hundreds Of Font Styles For Monograms

Before finalizing a particular design for a company or event, consider the font for a company’s name along with determining if the colors of the embroidery thread look perfect on the chosen fabric. There are numerous monogram font styles to choose from, such as:

• Arial
• Curly
• Jubilee
• Funky
• Radical
• Sports
• Wedding
• Flirty
• Stylish
• Charming

In addition to selecting a font style, you will need to choose the right color of threads for the monogram or design to ensure it is easy to see on a particular color of fabric. Rather than having a flat monogram or design on your goods, you might want to have a 3-D puff design that involves having a fine layer of foam inserted underneath the stitches to give it a raised effect.

Modern embroidery machines offer incredible opportunities for business and fun. Digitizing services offer the opportunity to embroider just about any design using such machines.
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