Digital Logo Embroidery Services – Bring Your Logos to Life


One of the major selling points of a business is its logo. Often, individuals will remember a logo better than even a slogan, and seeing a logo that stands out from the crowd is sure to draw their attention. That’s why logo embroidery is a fantastic way to make your logo look absolutely beautiful at an affordable price point.

What Makes Embroidery Different Than Printing?

Many wonder what makes the difference in an embroidered logo and a printed logo, and the answer is relatively simple. The embroidery process brings your logo to life. It gives the design itself a three-dimensional depth, and in many cases, the use of embroidery allows for an intricate color scheme that may not be available in traditional logo printing.

Furthermore, in many cases embroidery allows for a higher quality image than printing does, as it allows the image itself to contour with the material it’s being printed on, making it more vivid and realistic.

What Are the Logo Embroidery Options?

You can embroider most logos on a wide variety of articles of clothing, including but not limited to:

  • polo t-shirts
  • crew neck t-shirts
  • dress shirts
  • shirt sleeves
  • shirt pockets
  • hats

We advise that embroidery logos are no larger than 3.25″. This allows for the best quality and the sharpest image. In most cases, we suggest no more than 10,000 stitches in a logo. This is to ensure that the quality is maintained and the price point is reasonable for our consumers.

How High Quality is Your Digitalization?

Quality is often of the customer’s utmost importance, and reasonably so. In most cases, if you present us with a logo, we will be able to embroider it. Depending on the intricacy and price point you are looking at for your embroidered design, we may have to make some adjustments, however. This is to help maintain the quality of production and to ensure that the price point is something that you are comfortable with.

All the same, the embroidery work you receive will be the most high quality, with an array of colors and detail work that will be sure to impress not only you but anyone who
sees your logo printed on a shirt or hat. Moreover, it allows you to truly see your logo come to life in a way that traditional image printing wouldn’t.

Additionally, many customers have suggested that the quality of the embroidery will often outlast the quality of printed shirts. This is due to the fact that printed logos may suffer from fading during the washing process. With embroidered material, in most cases, the thread used to produce the colors on the logo has been pre-washed, reducing long term color fade. Ultimately, embroidery is a fantastic way to ensure that your products are beautiful and last for quite some time.