Why Digitized Embroidery Is Better Than Hand Stitched

Why Digitized Embroidery Is Better Than Hand Stitched

Everywhere you look, embroidery is on the rise. It’s not just an art form.

These days, it’s also being used by designers to add delicate, intricate pieces of embroidery to their clothing.

The only problem? Hand embroidery takes a long time. Especially if you’re running a business that centers on embroidered designs, you likely don’t have the time to hand-stitch every piece.

That’s where digitized embroidery comes in. In fact, now more and more artists, designers, and even hobbyists are going digital. In this post, we’ll explore why embroidery that’s digitized may, in fact, be superior to a hand-stitched option.

The Basics of Digitized Embroidery

Digitized embroidery, also called machine embroidery, was first and foremost designed to speed up the entire embroidery process.

Essentially, a computer/machine helps you to make a pattern for your embroidery idea. These patterns are then transferred onto whatever cloth you want to design on, and they can be sized accordingly – no more measurement crises!

After you’ve selected your design, you feed your cloth (using a hoop to make sure everything stays in place) into the machine. Though you may sometimes need to guide the machine, you can pretty much sit back and watch the designs come to life before your eyes.

The Benefits of Digitized Embroidery

First of all, you know just how easy it is to make a mistake when you’re working with hand embroidery. Plus, “undoing” that mistake often means you’ll also have to “undo” much of your work. This doesn’t just cost you time, it can also cost you extra materials – not to mention, it’s incredibly frustrating.

Digitized embroidery is error-free, meaning your design won’t look like your preschooler sewed it.

Plus, it’s not just the sewing process where things can go wrong by hand. If you make even a single mistake in your hand-drawn pattern, you’ll have to toss out everything.

A digital option ensures everything is right the first time.

Finally, when you’re working on a piece that takes a long time, it’s much more likely to get dirty. You know what a process it is to clean a hand-stitched piece.

Think about how many things your hands touch during the day. It’s not like you’re actually going to be scrubbing your hands every time you pick up your project again.

Digitized embroidery makes sure that your final product actually looks like one.

Of course, it’s also a much better option for those who are starting a business, or who unexpectedly had a design take off and now need to deliver that product into the hands of anxious consumers.

Whether you’re working on your own digitized machine, or if you’re going through another company, the entire processed is finished much faster. No waiting back and forth for pattern approvals, or multiple, time-consuming pattern edits.

Ready to Start Creating?

Thanks to this post, you can be sure that your digitized embroidery designs will end up being even higher quality than those stitched by hand. Plus, you’ll be able to get your final product a lot sooner!

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