Learn How to Find New Clients For Your Embroidery Business

Learn How to Find New Clients For Your Embroidery Business

As an embroidery business owner, you must seek new customers who don’t always know how your services can benefit their own company.

With high-quality embroidery digitizing, it is possible for you to use the customers own artwork to create an embroidery design on fabric.

You have probably seen digitized embroidery on a sports team’s uniform T-shirts or sweatshirts, but this type of embellishment is also useful for other kinds of clients.

Fortunately for you and your customers, you can easily outsource the painstaking task of digitizing their logo’s and more to a company like Affordable Digitizing and thus increase your turnover and productivity.

Give Nonprofit Organizations a Small Discount On Products

When nonprofit organizations are having charitable events such as running or walking for donations at a local park, the participants will enjoy wearing a keepsake shirt that has a unique embroidered design on the front.

If a garment with a charitable organization’s logo or name is attractive, then an individual is more likely to wear the item frequently rather than hiding it in a closet at home.

To get more orders from nonprofit organizations, you can offer a small discount for your embroidery services.

Have an Informative Business Website

Help your potential customers understand the importance of using embroidery to meet their business and personal goals. Make sure to have a website that displays samples of work that you’ve done in a visually appealing way so that they can see at a glance what you can do for them.

You may want to have a video on your website so that customers can learn more about you and your company. Video is an excellent way to quickly introduce yourself, your business, your history and the benefits your services provide.

Of course, also use your website as a tool to let potential customers know how and when to contact you.

Help Customers Create an Original Logo

Many of your potential customers are too busy to design logos for a company, but if you hire an artistic expert, then you can offer this extra service.

In addition, when your customers are aware that the digitized design is stored on your business’s computer software, it makes it easier for them to order new products.

Make it easy for a customer to have an account with your business so that they can send you an email for a new order of embroidered carryall bags, hats or shirts at any time.

Provide Small Digitized Embroidery Samples

Provide a lot of information to your clients concerning the embroidery process, including explaining the different colors of threads available and the assortment of fonts that you can create.

Have full-color photographs on your website making it easier for a customer to choose a design for his company.

Some clients may want to see samples of your digitized embroidery designs up close, so you should have small samples available such as scarves, handkerchiefs or socks.

Offer Fantastic Shipping Services

Make it easier for customers to contact you to ask questions or to order products. Have 24-hour access to your website, making it simple for a customer to complete an order at any time.

Make sure that you have a toll-free telephone number so that a customer can contact you for additional information. You should offer a variety of shipping methods, including rush orders for clients who need products right away.