5 Benefits of Using Vector Logos for Your Company

5 Benefits of Using Vector Logos for Your Company

A company’s logo can provide instant recognition. It can connect a person’s mind to a business without them having to read anything or even see a product. It doesn’t matter where a customer sees it.

Having a great logo is important, but so is how it’s made. This is where vector logos come in.

There are two types of computer images – vector and bitmap. Bitmap (raster) images are composed of small blocks called pixels. Each of these pixels is able to be a different color, put together like a grid.

Vector images use mathematical equations that connect different points to create geometric shapes.

Generally speaking, bitmap images are more photorealistic, but vector images are the way to go when creating illustrations. So why does it matter whether a company logo is made using bitmap or vector graphics?

Here are five benefits of a business using vector logos.

1. Vector logos are scalable

This is the greatest advantage vector images have against their bitmap counterparts. Because it’s created using mathematical formulas, a vector logo can be scaled to any size.

Think about how many uses a company has for its logo. They’re put on things like business cards, letterheads, and advertisements. It’s therefore essential that the logo is resizable.

If you use bitmap, it’s possible you might have to create a new image for each design template.

2. No image distortion

A vector image’s scalability means it can be enlarged or shrunk without reducing the quality. The same can’t be said for bitmap images.

Bitmap images use a defined number of pixels. If you increase the size, you’re adding more pixels than the image was made to use. The result can be a jagged, blurry version of the original.

Inversely, if you reduce the size of a bitmap image, you’re taking away pixels and risk eliminating key elements of the logo. It may become unrecognizable.

3. Easy to edit

Each component of a vector graphic image can be manipulated. If you don’t like a particular element of the logo, you don’t have to start again from scratch. Just choose which part you want to edit.

This saves time and avoids stress if corrections need to be made.

4. Small file size

File sizes for vector images are naturally small. It’s all about how complex or intricate the formulas are. Bitmap file sizes, on the other hand, are based on the number of pixels and color depth.

Big bitmap images can take longer to load, and are therefore more difficult to transfer and use on the web.

5. Illustrations look sharp

Since vector images use lines created between different points, they’re perfect for detailed digital illustrations. It can be better than using photographs. This is because you can more easily highlight areas of interest. The images will also show up well in print.

Let’s get vectorizing!

Now you know the advantages of using vector imaging versus bitmap, particularly when it comes to graphic design and company logos.

Got any questions? Care to know what it would take to make a vectorized version of your logo? Drop us a line!