5 Embroidery Artists Who Are Transforming the Craft

Embroidery is considered one of the oldest art forms in the world, with the first pieces dating from 5th-3rd century BC.

It’s a delicate work requiring a lot of attention to detail and even more dedication.

Modern embroidery artists are constantly developing their talents and creativity. Some create only with their hands, while others use machines.

Some artists only use a needle and a thread/yarn on a piece of fabric. Others add elements like tree leaves, photographs, newspapers, clothes and everyday items.

There are many talented embroiderers in the world, each unique in their own way.

If you need help gathering ideas for your next digitized embroidery project, keep reading to learn about the 5 most inspiring embroidery artists and the stories behind their work.

The 5 Most Inspiring Embroidery Artists


1. Claire Moynihan

Though the concept of embroidering animals is nothing new, Claire Moynihan takes it to a whole different level.

In fact, she not only creates perfect embroidery pieces, but she also makes them in 3D. She believes in the freedom of creating embroidery without having to rely on formal techniques. This is why she considers her art as “freestyle”.

Claire focuses her work on insects standing on felt balls and displays them in international and private collections.

2. Linda Gass

Linda Gass’s embroidery is art with a purpose. Every piece is meant to display a portrait of the damage people do to the planet.

Linda accomplishes this by creating vivid landscape imagery, giving life to barren lands, air and water pollution and rising sea levels.

According to her, she tries to get people to look at her art on a deeper level, beyond its beauty. She wants them to understand the problems our planet is facing through her embroidery “paintings”.

3. Danielle Clough

For Danielle Clough, sports and art can easily merge into one. She embroiders her masterpieces on old or vintage tennis rackets and modern sneakers.

Her embroidery themes include birds, flowers, animals and portraits of people. Besides on rackets, her exquisite embroidery can even be found on outdoor fences.

Her innovative approach to this old art form has brought her high-profile clients like Adobe, Gucci, the United Nations and the African Innovation Foundation. Her work was also featured in the Evening Standard, the New York Times, CNN, Couch Magazine and Homespun, among others.

4. Cayce Zavaglia

Cayce Zavaglia specializes in realistic portrait embroidery. But her pieces are more than just a few threads strung together.

According to the artist, the faces she embroiders may seem hyper-realistic viewed from a distance, but as you come closer, they have a gaze and tell a story.

Cayce uses over 400 thread colors for her portraits in order to properly display shadows, depth, skin tone, hair color, and clothes.

5. Teresa Lim

Teresa Lim embroiders actual places she visits on her world travels. Some of the most beautiful areas in the world that are forever documented in Teresa’s art include Luxembourg, Venice, Firenze, Rome, Paris, Tokyo, Singapore, London, and Amsterdam.

She takes a photo of the place and then creates detailed and colorful embroidery from it.


We’re sure you were inspired by these incredibly talented embroidery artists.

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