What To Know About Embroidery on Polo Shirts

What To Know About Embroidery on Polo Shirts

Adding embroidery on polo shirts lets you customize your style with anything from a decorative design to your company’s logo. Learn how you can get the best results out of your next order.

Benefits of Custom Polo Shirt Embroidery

Polo shirts give a professional, mature, yet casual appearance. Whether you want to customize your polo shirts to add flair to your style or create a uniform for your employees, custom-embroidered polos are an affordable option that offers great results.

Embroidered polo shirts are ideal for sports or other activities that cause wear and tear to the fabric. Unlike printed designs, embroidery will not fade or flake away from your shirt when exposed to friction or water. You can stitch these custom designs directly into the fabric of your clothing.

If you manage a company or recreational club, adding embroidery on polo shirts is an excellent way to create professional uniforms for the team. Embroidery specialists can use high-powered machines to produce dozens of these shirts for you quickly.

Custom embroidered polos are versatile. You can choose from countless colors, sizes, and embroidery placements when planning your order.

Factors to Consider for Your Polo Shirt Embroidery

Here are a few factors to consider when planning your embroidered polos:

Fabric and Style

What type of fabric do you need for your polo shirt? If you are spending time outside, 100% cotton or cotton blends are cooler than 100% polyester fabric. Cotton blend shirts are wrinkle- and shrink-resistant when washing.

Make sure your personalized polos have trims that match the color and pattern of your embroidered design. For example, suppose you need a blue polo with red logo embroidery. Shirts with green borders around the sleeves won’t match your design and may distract from your branding.

Decide whether you need a traditional collared polo or a modern V-neck polo. A V-nick design may limit where you can place your embroidered logo.

Most companies place logos on one side of the chest. However, this design may not be practical for V-neck styles. Your custom embroiderer can make professional recommendations to get the best look with your design.

Who Will Be Wearing the Shirt?

Who will be wearing your personalized polos? If you need embroidered shirts for your back-of-house restaurant staff, you may want to invest in less expensive fabrics. Conversely, sales representatives or home service professionals who regularly interact with customers can benefit from softer, high-quality polos.

Don’t forget to order multiple sizes for bulk orders.


High-quality custom polos can be more expensive than standard print clothing, depending on the fabric quality, color, and intricacy of your chosen logo. Still, optimal comfort and style are well worth the upfront expense.

Custom Polo Shirt Designs with Affordable Digitizing

At Affordable Digitizing, we have over 20 years of experience digitizing files to embroider polo shirts, hoodies, and more.

Simply fill out our quote form, upload the design you need digitized, then approve the proposal we send. In just one day, you’ll have digitized or vector art ready to use in your embroidery machine.

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