Machine Embroidery Gift Ideas

Machine Embroidery Gift Ideas

Machine embroidered items can be both attractive and practical. Our gallery features many examples of embroidery designs we digitized – take a look to find inspiration for the types of projects you can do. Whether you embroider your design using your machine or have it done for you, personalized embroidered gifts express your love and respect for the recipient and will undoubtedly warm their hearts. Consider customized gifts rather than cash or gift vouchers, which could satisfy your creative needs while also being appreciated by the receiver. The following is a list of some of our favorite embroidery gift ideas for Christmas and other occasions to create and gift. When you start daydreaming, you will notice many items to embroider as gifts everywhere around you.

7 Machine Embroidery Gift Ideas

1. Towels

If you seek a good, affordable gift for someone you don’t know well, embroidered hand towels are an excellent choice. Even close friends and family will cherish this thoughtful gift because towels are functional, plus they get dingy fast and need to be replaced frequently. Decorative stitching such as sayings and flowers adds a delightful touch to any decor. A customized bath towel collection is an affordable and thoughtful gift for a recently engaged or wedded couple. You may even add a name to the towels. Moreover, hooded towels make a cute wrap for infants and children when coming out of the water, especially when they have ears stitched on to look like animal characters.

2. Tote Bags

Turn a boring and plain tote bag into a cute, bright, and thoughtful embroidered gift. Anyone who owns a tote bag knows that there are many similar bags to the ones they are using. You can embroider their name in a stylish font with that in mind. Add some flowers or characters that they love in their favorite colors. It will make their tote bag unique and one of a kind; plus, if it gets lost, you can easily find it. You can machine embroider the design directly on the fabric or sew patches for tote bags. There are many free designs on the Internet, or you can create a custom one with your loved ones in mind.

3. Jackets

Denim jackets are always on-trend and ideal if you are looking for a gift for anyone suitable for any age, especially when the weather is getting cold. Add a touch of uniqueness by adding embroidered designs. You have a broad canvas for an intricate design to use in the back part. If you want to go minimalist, adding a small design like a flower or a butterfly on the front is a good idea. But this is not only for denim jackets because you can stitch a design on any jacket style, no matter their material. If you’re worried about buying clothing as a gift, you can also create patches that the receiver can attach to their favorite jacket.

4. Shoes

If you think simply buying shoes is not a thoughtful enough gift, you can add embroidered designs. You can compare it to painting your shoes but only using threads and having more depth. As long as the material of the shoes is made of canvas, it is a doable DIY project. It would be best to opt for plain colored shoes so you can have endless options in choosing a design to stitch. You can find many design ideas to embellish on a pair of shoes, and they look cute and fashionable.

5. Embroidered Blankets and Towels

Embroidering on blankets and towels is well-loved by many. In fact, it is given as a gift for many different occasions such as weddings, holidays, and housewarming gifts. It is inexpensive, practical, thoughtful, and beautiful, a win for both the giver and the receiver. You can personalize the design based on the event, like stitching Christmas-themed designs for the holidays. If you want it to be something they can use or display all year round, then go for a personalized design such as their name and initials. No more switching up blankets and towels in their homes when there’s a name for each one of them. Any towels will also do, whether tea towels, dish towels, or terry cloths. You can machine embroider a design on them.

6. Sweatshirts

Who wouldn’t want a sweatshirt with an embroidered design? Probably a few, but still, most people prefer this over the plain-looking ones. You can adorn it with a wide choice of designs from simple texts across the upper front part, a winding design from the shoulder to the wrist, or a striking and complicated one at the back. The options are boundless, which makes it exciting! Personalize it according to the taste and preference of the person you are giving it to.

7. Tablemats

Sprinkle some glitz and personalization on your table with a machine embroidered design. This works on both cloth and vinyl table mats. Consider symmetrical or geometrical designs. Minimal designs like flowers are also an excellent idea. It is a quick and easy DIY project that is also thoughtful and wonderful. Your parents and grandparents will surely appreciate receiving it!