Tips And Techniques To Embroider On The Terry Cloth

The digitizing techniques have reinvented the embroidery production. You can easily deal with any fabric by following the right steps and methods of digitized embroidery.  It can be daunting to make stunning and neat patterns on the terry cloth. The elongated loops of terry cloth make it a tough texture to tackle with. But, you can pull it off nicely. Here are some points to remember:

Using the Right Type of Thread:

The complexity of texture in the terry cloth needs to be handled with proper techniques and equipment. You should prefer using rayon thread over polyester on the terry cloth. It ensures better run ability and a longer lifespan to your embroidery digitizing pattern.

Using the Solvy:

For visibility of more details on the designs, you should prefer using a solvy. It’s a water-soluble thin film that is used by professional digitizers at the time of production. Also, you can use a tear-away backing to provide stability in your design. In fact, a cut-away is also a good option for backing in the terry cloth embroidery.

Deploying the Right Method:

Last, but not the least, you need to follow the tested method of digitized embroidery on terry cloth. Remember, this fabric requires unique values that aren’t applicable to other materials. You need to increase the column density and fill stitches by 10-20%. Increase the pull compensation values to deal with the thickness of cloth and zig-zag underlay to mat it down.

Digitizing the embroidered patterns for this fabric can be challenging. But, you can overcome the same with the help of experts of this field.