5 Popular Logo Fonts You Need to Know

5 Popular Fonts for Logos You Need to Know

Logos are how a business communicates its identity. They help companies differentiate themselves from competitors. Branding strategies must incorporate logos. Once digitized, there are many marketing tools available.

Fonts for logos send subtle messages to consumers. Here are five of the most popular fonts and what kind of message they can send to you.

1. Helvetica

This font is one of the most used by graphic designers, but it’s not without controversy. Many professionals dislike the spacing of the letters, but when done well the font presents an expert look.

Helvetica first showed up on computers in 1984. Be selective when using this font. Use it to draw attention to one aspect of your presentation, not for the whole thing. For a text, use it for a particular point of emphasis.

2. Univers, One Of The Greatest Fonts For Logos

You’ve seen this font used before by some of America’s biggest companies. FedEx chose it when designing their logo because of its clear but detailed style. Univers is one of the greatest font achievements of the past century.

The font is ideal for logos that want to represent forward progress. Use Univers for designs that portray stability and progress. Companies that want to create stunning marketing materials should always consider Univers for their needs.

3. Horizon

Out of all the fonts for logos in this list, Horizon is the most dramatic and unique. Bitstream developed the font after getting inspirations from the show Star Trek.

The name says it all. A horizon is far away but within eyesight. It’s what we all aspire to reach.

Horizon’s thick lettering, geometric design, and dramatic angles bring a futuristic feel to any design. Businesses that want to market their product as a progressive solution need this font in their toolbox.

Companies using Horizon should have a clear idea of what they hope to do with the materials it’s used on.

4. Neo Sans

If you’re looking for a friendly feel to your logo and marketing designs, this font is for you. Neo Sans features rounded letters that stand out and draw attention to detail.

Neo shines when placed in front of an item for marketing purposes. The design of the font brings it to the forefront of the picture, allowing a “show and tell” type of engagement. The letters tell the reader what to look for, but doesn’t dominate the picture so they can find it.

5. Foco

The allure of Foco is the personality it displays. The spacing between the letters makes it easy to read and ideal for titles and subtitles. The letters in the font are more rounded and polished than other fonts for logos.

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