The Importance of Your Business Colors

business colors

For just a minute, picture a can of Coca-Cola sitting on the table in front of you. Without anyone saying a word, you automatically know that the can is red and white. Alternatively, picture the arches at McDonald’s and you know they are yellow. Still, many new companies find that one of the hardest decisions that they have to make is to choose what colors represent their companies the best. Following some simple steps will help you choose your business colors.

The first step is to consider your consumer. While you may associate certain colors with certain emotions, if you are trying to market in a different culture, the meaning may be entirely opposite. For example, in the United States, green is often used to show new life or money, however, in China, green represents an adulterous affair. Likewise, blue is often thought of as a conservative color in the United States, but in some parts of the world, it represents defeat and troubles. Therefore, before you choose a color, make sure to identify what that color will say to your consumer.

Secondly, consider what your colors your competition is using. If you want to be seen as belonging to the same industry, then choose a similar color. Alternatively, you can also show that your company is unique by choosing an alternative color.

Most designers suggest that you choose three different colors to represent your brand. Use one of them 60 percent of the time, another 30 percent of the time and the final one 10 percent of the time. Research shows that the fewer colors that you use, the more the customer is likely to remember the company. For example, think about Walmart and you probably instantly think navy blue and yellow.

Now that you have chosen your company’s primary colors take it to the next step of selecting the perfect shade. To do this, think about how you want the company’s personality perceived in the consumer’s mind. If you want the customer to see your business as energetic, then choose bold colors such as reds, oranges, and yellows. Alternatively, if you want the consumer to feel confident about using your company, then choose cooler colors such as blues and greens.

There is no doubt that color consistency helps customers feel confident about you and your brand. Use the same colors consistently to form a lasting memory in your client’s mind. Now, that you have chosen the right business colors, you are ready to use them in many different places including on your logo, website, on your company’s letterhead and when you  have pieces embroidered.

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