What is digitizing – How do I get my pictures onto my embroidery machine?

What is digitizing - How do I get my pictures onto my embroidery machine?

Digitized embroidery is a form of designing that is embraced by everyone. It is currently popular, and the art is catching up with multitudes. It is converting images into a digital design format that allows an embroidery machine to transfer the design to an item. There are two kinds of digitizing, automatic and manual.

Types of Digitizing

1. Automatic digitizing:
It is when a graphic or image on a computer is transformed into an embroidery machine-ready format automatically; the machine will be able to read it and embroider it on a piece of cloth. The PC utilizes algorithms to recognize and form the digital image. It uses software to do this. Some software is better than others, but clicking a button and expecting consistently great results is not a reality yet, especially for more detailed designs. Automatic digitizing might seem like a quick and cost-effective solution, however, the end result rarely compares in quality to having it done manually.

2. Manual digitizing:
On the other hand, manual digitizing is when a human gets involved. They still use a digitizing software – the main difference being that they use their experience and artistic flair to decide stitch types, sizes, and directions. You can digitize anything, logos, photos, among others. Oftentimes, the available graphic to be digitized is a low-quality JPEG or screenshot, which is hard for software to read by itself. Furthermore, business owners may select logos or designs that are difficult to digitize. Properly digitizing such designs is an art that requires expertise, patience, and time.

About Auto-digitizing

Bernina v8 is a popular auto digitizing software that permits the user to exercise some control of how the design will materialize. Regardless of this, it doesn’t generate an exact copy image with intricate details. It means that you will lose a bit of color, design, font, and features while digitizing.

You can only use it for an immediate project. The output includes satin stitches that are extensive, that might get snagged when you wash the item for the first time. The odd angles it comes up with has a terrible mixture of rigid and slack stitches. Auto-digitizing software is fast and automatic, but it generates images that don’t include precise details.

About Manual Digitizing

On the other hand, if you choose to use manual digitizing, then it will be accurate and concise. However, you will need expertise and skill to capture and transfer the image. Some of the tasks that you will have to perform in manual digitizing include outlining the design literally, instructing the software on the types of stitches it should produce, their direction, and length. You will also have to inform it about the details that will be on the foreground and background.

The result of the manually digitized image has stitches, a range of colors, various fonts, diverse textures, and a detailed logo. However, for you to do it well, you will have to learn how to produce your designs. If this proves to be difficult for you, then you can use the services of Affordable Digitizing.

Before you select an embroidery digitizing service, you should consider the following qualities:

1. Quality:
There are some embroidery digitizing companies that might assure you of cheap and efficient services. However, these are just promises that will never materialize. It is because they are likely to generate inferior designs that will not meet the excellence that you deserve.

A well-digitized design should have a neat front and back outcome. Additionally, it should permit you to make minimum thread adjustments and remain presentable. It should have a perfect outlook, no matter the material. The thread that you use should not make the wearer itch.

2. Costs:
Some businesses complain that embroidery digitizing services are expensive. What they don’t take into account is that it takes expertise, skill, and time to come up with desirable designs. Moreover, competent embroidery software is also expensive. If you consider these valuable points, then you should never pick the cheapest service provider.

Some companies only perform auto-digitizing services, and it is usually cheaper and faster because they leave all the tasks to the computer. However, as mentioned above, their output is likely to be dull, and it will also lack various design features. Thus, the company should take its time to come up with a brilliant design. Further, digital embroidery is an art that requires patience.

About Affordable Digitizing

Affordable Digitizing is an embroidery company that specializes in producing professional and detailed design elements. TOur company creates top-notch designs with minimal thread fluctuations. Additionally, we understand what digitizing is and what it entails. Our output will run on your machine seamlessly and produce outstanding designs.

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