Why Should You Hire a Professional Company for Your Dimensional Embroidery Digitizing?

Why Should You Hire a Professional Company for Your Dimensional Embroidery Digitizing?

With modern technology, it’s never been easier to embroider your favorite designs and logos onto shirts, jackets, hats, bandanas, scarves, and more. And if you’re looking to save some money on your next project, it might be tempting to buy a cheap file online or use a file you found hidden away on some online embroidery forum. If the end result is the same, does the file quality really matter?

In fact, a professional-grade digitized embroidery file can mean the difference between a sleek, expertly crafted logo and a haphazard tangle of stitches. Here’s why you should invest in a quality file from Affordable Digitizing.

Professional Companies Use Dimensional Embroidery Digitizing

You probably know that different types of stitches can create different effects. With diverse types of stitches, you can create patterns and textures, emphasize certain parts of the image, and even make flat shapes appear three-dimensional. However, an amateur file likely won’t take this into account. Your completed work might look flat and lifeless, with erratic stitching and mismatched textures. Worse still, you might end up with an itchy tangle of threads behind the fabric–and no client wants to deal with that!

At Affordable Digitizing, we use the technique of dimensional embroidery digitizing to make your image look as rich and vibrant as possible. We use different stitches to create various visual effects, from textured fur and feathers to patterned clothes and smooth skin. We can make flat shapes appear three-dimensional, and add intricate details that wouldn’t be possible otherwise. We “layer” the images to make them look as true-to-life as possible: for example, a stem would be stitched first, with the flower layered over the stem as you see in real life.

Will Dimensional Embroidery Digitizing Run Smoothly on my Machine?

This all might seem a little complicated, and you might be wondering if you’ll have to invest in a brand new machine to take advantage of state-of-the-art techniques. Fortunately, dimensional embroidery digitizing is compatible with most embroidery machines. This technique doesn’t do anything that your machine can’t do already; it simply optimizes stitching techniques to make the most lifelike, eye-catching image.

As embroidery professionals ourselves, we know the importance of having a simple file that runs smoothly on your machine. Our digitized files might sound complex, but they’re optimized to make minimal thread changes and give you a crisp, clear image that looks like it was stitched by an expert craftsman. In other words, don’t worry about overloading your machine. You’ll reap the benefits of adding more depth and dimension to your products without having to do any extra work.